Originally a trained nurse, Marie-Christine Montillaud-Joyel has been a massage therapist for 40 years. She has specialized in different disciplines such as:

relaxing, energizing, deep tissue and sports massage

foot reflexology

face reflexology

facial massage

lymphatic drainage of the body and face that she has performed for 40 years after having studied the technique in different European schools (Vodder, Leduc, etc.).
She has qualified graduate of the prestigious German school Vodder-Asdouk.

Marie-Christine Montillaud-Joyel has collaborated many years with doctors in hospitals and private clinics where her expertise and results on post-operative cases as well as on pathologies of the lymphatic system have been recognized.

During her professional experience, Marie-Christine Montillaud-Joyel has followed several trainings abroad:

in Hong Kong, she learned Chinese massage

in Singapore, reflexology and massage

in Japan, shiatsu and energizing massage

in Thailand, she learned their traditional massage

in Korea, she was taught Korean massage by blind massage therapists

in India, she learned ayurvedic massage and foot reflexology with her instructor at the time, Ms Monique Gely.

She also got the massage therapist certificate of the State of Florida, USA.

This professional experience has allowed Marie-Christine Montillaud-Joyel to make a synthesis of these different disciplines which she has been teaching for the past 25 years. The high efficiency of her trainings results from the energy and passion she puts in her work and that she transmits through her teaching. Real motivation and intensive practice are expected from her trainees.

She is based in Paris, France and she ensures trainings in Europe as a travelling consultant.