Many spas, important cosmetic companies and prestigious hotel groups now realize how important it is to provide their customers with high quality care to be in line with the luxurious settings they offer and the prices they charge.

It is essential that they provide fully trained, qualified practitioners. This will guarantee the future reputation and credibility of such fully expanding establishments.

Marie-Christine Montillaud-Joyel has created modules and protocols adapted to the needs of large cosmetic laboratories such as MATIS, and for Spas such as those in Hotel Costes, Bristol, etc.

Upon these companies’ request, she offers tailor-made sessions of different massage techniques, be they energetic, deep tissue, sports or just relaxing. These specific protocols are targeted to trainers and practitioners who need to improve their knowledge or become specialists in these techniques.

A detailed price quotation is made out according to the various specific needs of each establishment.

Thanks to her long experience as a practitioner and trainer, Marie-Christine Montillaud-Joyel has excellent professional references provided by the different physicians she has worked with. These references are available upon request.